Great Tips of How to Use iPhone X Camera

IPhone X has a great camera to take high-quality pictures for the users. However, most people are still confused on how to use iPhone X camera. Therefore, this important information will help you to find the iPhone X camera tips. In those tips, you will know some interesting tricks to take some photos. Thus, you will get the best and beautiful pictures.

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Four Tips of How to Use iPhone X Camera

In order to be able to know the tips in using the camera on your iPhone X, you need to do something. Just pay attention to these following tips well!

  1. Open the iPhone X Camera

It is of course that the first step is opening the camera on your iPhone X. In order to open it, just tap the screen to wake up the phone. And then, swipe your screen from right side to the  left. Thus, you can open the app of the camera and you are ready to shoot or take pictures.

  1. Use camera gridlines

The grid element can help you to compose great and perfect pictures. Moreover, it can also help you to decide where the position of the key elements in your photo. In addition, a great composition is key to create eye-catching pictures. Hence, don’t forget to turn on the camera grid on your iPhone X! Just use it to create wonderful pictures.

  1. Choose the best shooting mode

You are so lucky to have iPhone X since this phone has seven different shooting modes that can be used for different situations. The modes in this camera are Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo, Photo, Video, Square, Portrait, and also Pano. You can choose one of them while needed.

Great Camera Specs of iPhone X You Need to Know

If you are the users of iPhone X, here are the great camera specs you need to know.

  1. Main camera

For the main camera, this phone comes with a dual 12-megapixel camera. This feature is suitable for you who need to shoot the objects deeply.

  1. Front Facing camera

This iPhone also provides a great camera for you who like to take a selfie. Its front-facing camera coming in 7-megapixel one. So, you will be able to get selfie every time in a high-quality picture.

With its great specs, especially the camera, you have to be smart to use it for your own need. Also, you can learn how to use iPhone X camera correctly so that it will work properly for you.

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