Two Easy Methods of How to Unlock iPhone X without Passcode

iPhone X is a kind of phone which needs certain ways to operate it. There are some ways you have to know since you may need them someday later. One of them is to unlock the phone. In this case, you need to master how to unlock iPhone X without passcode. Don’t worry! You can learn the ways of how to unlock iPhone x without passcode or face id by following the explanation below. Just check it out!

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How to Unlock iPhone X without Passcode through Siri

Related to the ways of unlocking iPhone X without a passcode, the first method that you can try is using Siri. In this method, there are three steps that you can apply. Are you curious about the steps of it? If it is so, please follow these steps carefully!

  1. Press the main button

The first way in the method through Siri is by pressing the main button. You can start doing it using your fingers. When you do it, you should know that it will prompt Siri in the mode of wake up.

  1. Utter cellular data

Then, the second step that you have to do is utter the words of Cellular Data. After that, please turn off the system of Wi-Fi. Actually, you should do it in order to do away with the connectivity admittance.

  1. Press Home

At last, you should press Home on your iPhone X. You should do it in order to be able to be redirected to the home screen of your iPhone X.

The Ways of Unlocking iPhone X without Passcode using iMyfone

For the additional information, there are also other methods to unlock iPhone X without passcode that uses iMyfone. Here are the steps.

  1. Click Unlock Screen Passcode

The first step of this method is clicking the icon of Unlock Screen Passcode. However, before clicking it, don’t forget to free download and launch iMyfone LockWiper first!

  1. Connect iPhone X

Then, you should connect your iPhone X to the computer. So, you are able to tick the button of Download in order to get specific firmware.

  1. Tick “Start to Extract”

The third step of the iMyfone method is ticking the icon of Start to Extract. Actually, it is used to unzip the files that have been downloaded.

  1. Tick Unlock

Before ticking the icon of Unlock, please convince that your iPhone X is connecting with the computer. Thus, you can easily unlock your iPhone X by ticking “Unlock”.

That’s all the methods of how to unlock iPhone X without passcode that you have to know. There are two methods that you can try, but you are allowed to choose one of them that is simple you think.

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