How to Unlock iPhone X Carrier with a Different One in a Minute

Are you iPhone X user? If so, you may have a willing to unlock your iPhone for use with a different carrier. In this condition, you need to know ways correctly. If you do the wrong ways, it may be serious trouble. Learning how to unlock iPhone x carrier well will be a good solution for you. Now, you can get the ways of how to unlock iPhone x carrier free just by have a look at the following explanation. Let’s check it out.

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How to Unlock iPhone X Carrier by Contacting Your Carrier

Actually, unlock iPhone x carrier with a different one is easy to do. You just need to pay attention to the following ways below.

  1. See your carrier

First, you can see your carrier whether it offers to unlock or not. It can be so since only your carrier which can unlock your iPhone.

  1. Contact your carrier and ask for an unlock

Second, you can try to contact your carrier and submit a request that you want to unlock your iPhone. It may take a few days to finish the process.

  1. Wait for the carrier confirms your request
  2. You need to wait for the process until your carrier grants your request to unlock your iPhone X. When it happens, it means you have been successful to unlock the phone. Then, it is ready to use with another carrier.

How to Change the Old SIM with the New One after the iPhone is Unlocked

After unlocking the iPhone with the ways above, there are still a few ways to do to finish the process. Here they are.

  1. Remove your old SIM card

You should remove your old SIM card carefully.

  1. Insert your new SIM card

After you remove the old one, you can put the new SIM card in its place. Then, you can insert it to be the new carrier of your iPhone X.

  1. Set up your phone again

When you have inserted the new SIM card, the next step is setting up your iPhone X again related to the new carrier requirements. So, just follow the instructions correctly. After that, your iPhone X is ready to use with a new carrier.

It is easy, right? How to unlock iPhone X carrier above is really simple. You just need to take only a few minutes to do that.

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