Let You Recognize Two Simple Methods of How to turn iPhone X Off

iPhone X is the most innovative iPhone which has ever produced. As the user of iPhone X, have you known the ways of how to turn on iPhone X? Here, you will learn about it. Not only that, but you also will learn about the ways of how to turn iPhone X off rightly.  In this case, there are two methods in turning off iPhone X that so easy to do by the users of it!

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How to turn iPhone X Off with Buttons

Related to the methods of turning off iPhone X, it is better for you to know that the first one is using buttons. Just check the ways as soon as possible!

  1. Press and hold the side button

The first way in this method that you should do is pressing and holding the side button at the same time. This button is known as the sleep or wake button and the volume button (up or down).

  1. Release the button

Then, the second step is please releasing the button. You are able to do it when the screen of shutdown appears.

  1. Slide to power off

The last step in this kind of method is just sliding the screen. You can do it to the power off icon on your iPhone X.

How to turn off iPhone X without Buttons

Besides using buttons in turning off the iPhone X, you can also do it without buttons. How about the ways of it? It is simple to do. Just follow these easy ways well!

  1. Open the Settings app

Firstly, please find out the icon of Settings on your iPhone X. And then, just click it to open.

  1. Choose General

After that, in the app of Settings, you should choose the icon of General. You are able to get it in the fourth line of the options list.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom

After clicking the icon of General, you have to scroll down the screen to the bottom. In the last line, you will see the icon of Shut Down. Just tap it!

  1. Slide to power off

The last step in this method is the same as the first method. It is sliding the screen to the right side on the icon of power off.

Well, those are two simple methods of how to turn iPhone X off that you can know and try. Because it is available for you two methods, you are allowed to choose one of them which you want to use. So, have a nice try and enjoy it!

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