Get the Right Ways of How to restart iPhone X When Frozen

iPhone X is a kind of the best phone that exist in this era. With its features, you, as the users, just like the phone much. However, sometimes you may find trouble due to system error or other causes. Consequently, your iPhone X can be frozen. To know how to restart iPhone x when frozen is the best way for you to overcome this problem. If you can’t overcome iPhone X frozen, you will be confused if your iPhone X is unresponsive. So, learn the right ways by following the steps below.

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Let’s Learn How to restart iPhone X When Frozen

You need to recognize the steps below to solve the problem of a frozen iPhone X. Here are the right ways to follow.

  1. Press and quickly release the iPhone’s volume up button

First, you can start the process of force restarting your iPhone X by pressing the volume up button and quickly release it.

  1. Do the same for its volume down button

Second, you should also press and quickly release the volume down button like what you do for the volume up button. Press it carefully.

  1. Press the side button

After pressing both volume buttons, you can follow it by pressing the side button. Hold pressing this button until the display of the iPhone X shuts off. It takes about 10 seconds. For pressing this button, you can keep holding it and then, release it when the screen turns back onto the Apple boot screen. When it happens, it means that you have been successful to force restarting your frozen iPhone X.

Few complaints of the users for iPhone X

There are few complaints stated by the users for the iPhone X. Here are the two most common complaints.

  1. Unresponsive screen

This trouble is the most common complaints from the users. That is why it is important for you to know how to restart iPhone x when frozen. So, you can overcome your iPhone X by yourselves when it happens to you.

  1. Face ID not working

The second most common complaints from the users related to the iPhone X is the Face ID not working. So, you must be careful to operate and set it if you do not want to experience this trouble.

Being unresponsive or frozen is one of the most common troubles of iPhone X. Therefore, you have to know how to restart iPhone X when frozen.

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