How to reset iPhone X When Frozen Easily

Have you ever experienced your iPhone x frozen or unresponsive? If so, you need the right way to solve that problem. One of the best ways to solve it is to reset it. In this matter, you have to learn how to reset iPhone x when frozen. After you know it, you can overcome the problem every time your iPhone gets frozen. So, just follow the ways below to reset your phone quickly when it is suddenly unresponsive.

How to Reset iPhone X When Frozen

How to reset iPhone X When Frozen Fast

When your iPhone x is getting frozen, you do not need to panic. Just relax and do the fast ways below quickly. Here they are.

  1. Press and then, quickly release the Volume up button of your iPhone

Firstly, you need to deal with the Volume up button of your phone to start the process of resetting your iPhone x. You should press it and quickly release. Make sure you do it right.

  1. Press and quickly release your iPhone’s Volume down button

After dealing with the volume up button, you need to do the same to the volume down button. Yes, you should press and quickly release it.

  1. Press and hold the iPhone x’s Side button

The last, to complete this action, you need to press and hold the Side button of your iPhone X. You have to hold it until you see the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. When it happens, it means that you have been successful to reset your frozen iPhone. Just wait for your iPhone to show the home screen. After that, you can use it again normally like before.

Other matters that encourage you to reset your iPhone x

Besides getting frozen, there are other matters which need you to reset your iPhone x. What are they? Here are two matters to consider.

  1. Sell your iPhone

When you decide to sell your iPhone, you need to reset your phone first before selling. It is suggested for you since the buyer will not get your personal or important data in your iPhone when you have reset it. So, there will be no possibility of abusing.

  1. Give away your iPhone x to someone

There will be a period when you are bored to use the phone and need to give it away to someone else. Before doing it, you need to reset your phone first. Although you give it away to your relatives or best friend, they must not know and have your privacy and personal data. So, just reset it before giving it away.

Due to the important usage, you need to know how to reset iPhone x when frozen. So, you can use the ways when trouble, especially getting frozen, happens to your phone.

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