Interesting Methods of How to Mute iPhone X

Are you looking for the methods of how to mute iPhone X? If it is so, just pay attention to this information well. Actually, muting your iPhone is quite necessary sometimes. For example, when you are on important occasions and you cannot be bothered by your iPhone ringing. So, you need to mute it to prevent interrupting others. In this case, there will be two methods that you can use. One of them is how to mute iPhone x while on a call.

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How to mute iPhone X in Three Kinds of Sounds

The first method that you can use to mute your iPhone X is depending on the sound. Do you want to know it much? Let’s check it out!

  1. Mute the ringer

The first kind is using the switch in order to mute your iPhone X ringer quickly. Besides, if you want to turn your ringer off, you can also flip the switch above the volume buttons. These buttons are on the left side of the phone. Please remember that it is only done to mute the ringer and notifications.

  1. Mute alarms

The second kind of sounds that you can mute is muting your alarms. You can mute them by turning them off. So, how can you do it? Firstly, you have to open the app of Clock. Then, you can choose the Alarms tab so that you are allowed to toggle the alarm off.

  1. Mute music

The last kind of sounds is music. As you know that it can be muted. You can mute it by turning it down while it is playing. In doing this way, you should use the volume buttons or volume slider in the app that is playing the music.

Muting Yourself during a Call

The second method that you can use to mute is muting yourself during a call. In this case, there are five ways that you can do. Thus, just follow these ways carefully!

  1. Receive your call

What does it mean? Yea, it means that you are allowed to place your call as you want to receive first. So, you can mute any phone call.

  1. Move away from the iPhone X

Then, you are suggested to move your iPhone X away from your head. This way can prevent accidental button presses.

  1. Tap the Mute button

By tapping this button, you can mute a call. Actually, it looks like a microphone with a slash through it.

  1. Press and hold the Mute button

On the other hand, this button can also hold a call. It allows you to add in another caller.

  1. Tap the Mute button again

Last, you should tap this button again to unmute the call or take it off hold.

Considering that to mute a phone is important, you have to know the ways to do it for your need someday. As the iPhone X users, you can follow the ways of how to mute iPhone x above if you need to make it.

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